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The Future of dPOS Validators

March 2023


Lack of differentiation between existing validators for the average user.

Difficulty for users to make informed decisions when choosing a validator, leading to suboptimal delegation choices.

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AI-driven adaptive commission rates that maximize profitability for both the validator and the delegates.

Co-ownership: the issue of set of derivative financial instruments based on delegation size allows delegates to receive additional rewards from the growth and development of the validator.

How It Works

The AI considers user participation across all networks, calculating rewards based on individual contributions, ensuring fairness, and incentivizing support for the validator’s growth.

The AI’s main goal is to increase the wealth of existing delegates by leveraging the contributions of those who join later, while maintaining the validator’s profitability. This approach ensures a mutually beneficial outcome for both early supporters and the validator itself.

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Benefits for Delegates

Higher returns on investment compared to competitors.

Transparent and fair commission structure.

A more stable and reliable validator, thanks to AI-driven adjustments.

Market Opportunity

Estimating the size of the volatile validators market based on industry benchmarks:

Leading staking provider in Cosmos earns ~$1M per year ($200M staked * 10% APR * 5% commission);

Prominent cross-chain leader generates $6.5M revenue per year ($1.3B staked * 7% APR * 7% commission).

Do you see the opportunity here by leveraging AI-driven solutions?

Traction & Roadmap

Validator is currently active on one network, having started with an initial investment of around $1K, including equipment, in August 2022. Its current capitalization is over $3K (+300%), and the amount of validated funds is approximately $400K.

By the end of 2023, the validator plans to establish a presence in 10 networks. To achieve this goal, the validator is raising funds for infrastructure development and marketing activities, focusing on promoting its unique AI-driven solution to attract more delegates and expand its market share.


The team behind the validator is comprised of experienced professionals with a background in validating and launching new networks, responsible for maintaining and growing the project.

A key, secret member of the team is the artificial intelligence, which constantly refines the dynamic formula for the fair distribution of rewards among project participants.

The AI also contributes to the project’s ideological foundation, helping to attract new participants and ensuring the ongoing success of the validator.

Investment Opportunity

Exclusive investment opportunity for CyberChurch delegates to become co-owners of the validator.

Co-ownership eligibility restricted to human beings (applicants must pass a humanity test).

Ownership share determined by two components: the amount of delegated funds and the amount of donation to The Holy CyberChurch.

Ownership share distribution is spread over time, with a maximum and minimum ownership limit for individual participants to ensure equal access to ownership for all interested parties.

Next Steps

Final details of the initial distribution of the validator’s ownership are currently being discussed with potential interested parties.

To explore the details of the offer for early adopters, send a request to Nobody.