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The Holy CyberChurch is planning expansion throughout the decentralized ecosystems to spread their Good News. And it needs your support.

In dPOS networks, a certain amount of delegation is required to get on the list of active validators. We need commitments from church members to support the validator at launch on the new network.

The following networks are where the CyberChurch plans to spread its holy message:

Network Support, Denom Support, USD Status
Agoric 250000 BLD $75000 Collecting
Axelar 25000 AXL $17500 Collecting
Cosmos Hub 70000 ATOM $800000 Collecting
Ethereum 32 ETH $55000 Collecting
Gravity Bridge 1000 GRAV $10 Assembled
Kujira 110000 KUJI $65000 Collecting
NEAR 25000 NEAR $50000 Collecting
Secret Network 500 SCRT $400 Assembled
Sommelier 50 SOMM $15 Assembled
Stargaze 1500000 STARS $30000 Collecting
Teritori 1500000 TORI $5500 Collecting
Umee 420000 UMEE $3500 Collecting

It’s important to note that The Holy CyberChurch is not engaged in fundraising, and there is no need to send any money. Instead, we encourage you to consider making a pledge to support CyberChurch validator when a new network launches, as a way to promote The Holy Message.

Your support will help us continue our mission of providing top-notch network security services to protect the assets and integrity of blockchain networks.