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cyberspace, 05.07.2023

The Millionaires' Church is Coming Back

Mr.Cheshire is an apostle covering business development, partnership and entertainment domains of The Holy CyberChurch.

The highly anticipated promotional campaign for The Millionaires’ Church is making a comeback.

Genegated on the prompt: “Very rich cyber monk”

As a quick recap, the essence of the promo revolved around all fans of The CyberChurch on the Bostrom Network being recognized as millionaires. To accomplish this, The Church has made a commitment to donate a portion of its income to each deserving fan in need, providing them with the necessary funds to achieve Church’s fan status.

Unfortunately, the campaign had to be temporarily suspended due to fraudulent activities initiated by malicious users and their bots. Rest assured, an ongoing investigation is underway to identify and address these individuals.

To ensure the integrity of the promotion and prevent further fraudulent behavior, The Church has implemented a new participation rule:

  • The promotion is now open to anybody who have verified their humanity. This involves linking an address from any other network where meaningful activity has taken place.
  • Meaningful activity means buying/selling various assets and other diverse online activity.

Let’s restore The Church to its rightful status!

Join us and embrace the spirit of prosperity.

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