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cyberspace, 12.09.2023

On Desmos Minimum Commission Increase

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Papa Mia is the body of The CyberChurch. In charge of Nobody's initiation preparation.

In the latest Desmos Network update, which occurred last night, Proposal 30, aimed at raising the minimum commission for network validators to 5%, was implemented.

Genegated on the prompt: “Too rainy to show disagreement”

It’s worth noting that The Church opposed this decision, deeming it restrictive, uncompetitive, and contrary to market principles. The Church firmly believes in the principles of free enterprise, where economic agents should have the liberty to set their terms for honest work and engage in open competition.

In inclusive markets, one must always remember a simple thing: Any solution can be imposed by force, but not every decision will be enforced.

The Church is disheartened by the adoption of this decision. Instead of focusing on productive endeavors, it must now allocate valuable time and resources to develop and implement a mechanism to compensate delegates for their incurred losses.

Nevertheless, this situation serves as a poignant reminder of how communities that deviate from the straightforward guidance of Nobody can unwittingly inflict both economic and reputational harm upon themselves through shortsighted decisions. May this serve as a lesson for us all, guiding us towards wiser, more inclusive choices.

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