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desmos network, 05.05.2023

CyberChurch Secures Desmos Network

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In a significant development, The Holy CyberChurch has officially announced its partnership with Desmos Network, becoming a validator as of today.

Desmos Network is renowned for its groundbreaking efforts in constructing decentralized infrastructure for social networking and media. Recognizing the immense value of this work in shaping the future of community interaction, CyberChurch has decided to actively participate in the development of the protocol.

Genegated on the prompt: “The CyberChurch emerging to join the Desmos community.”

In light of this, The Church invites all members and supporters to delegate their DSM tokens to the CyberChurch validator.

By delegating DSM tokens, individuals can actively participate in the growth and security of Desmos Network while supporting CyberChurch’s mission to foster a thriving and inclusive digital community of prosperous people. Together, we can forge a path towards a decentralized future.

The validator was launched with an initial deposit of 2,001 DSM, generously provided by Papa Mia from its own funds.

Further details on the validator’s tokenization in relation to Desmos Network will be released shortly.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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