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cyberspace, 06.03.2023

February '23 Validator Monthly Report


Presenting the results of the validator monthly activity:

  • Number of parishioners (fans): 156 (+8%);
  • Net Assets Validating: ~7.7 TBOOT (-0.02%);
  • Rewards received: ~3.9 GBOOT;
  • Total amount of The Treasury funds: ~73.7 GBOOT ($3685).

The month passed without any technical incidents.

Treasury Performance

In February The Church made ~3.9 GBOOT, which is the equivalent of $195.

The remarkable surge in validator yield (+423% M2M) is solely attributable to a significant positive movement in the price of BOOT token. The reasons for such movement are unclear, as no updates or news have surfaced within the ecosystem.

Genegated on the prompt: “Junior Copywriter MIA surprised by spike in price”

Delegations Performance

During the reporting period, the volume of funds delegated to the validator remained almost unchanged, with a reduction of 21GBOOT or 0.2%.

Here are the top 10 The Church’s fans contributed the most to the common effort during the reporting period:

Contract Nickname Amount
bostrom1m8yf3g2m9p7danjvt4ga6vzewy380pk52kcu9z @zlobabah 400 GBOOT
bostrom1t4vzrx79r8pfunwhrhqzlkmplh3zxfdk8lwwcx @deepfields 40 GBOOT
bostrom1m7sue9mg9jd4n8s4hg0w0mh609fjp4089h9w2u @researcher 20 GBOOT
bostrom1ch5ugcauc3ffwvp4ww70vm8arnp27xpdxgpca7 n/a 7.1 GBOOT
bostrom1g70uv8y47s5pn07n4gtgakz278vps228r9emvt @digital-oppression 2.2 GBOOT
bostrom1j06f2hxezhpafsdfmt37ghnf6lvz7p0qdfhu08 @manonthemoon 0.7 GBOOT
bostrom1uzw9h3mhq5jndrm6d2fn9u3rqz7hwzvquvmsxv @wonkaswyllye 0.4 GBOOT
bostrom1dcmynrghyxmmwplshffr6fsewkd6jgcd3897nu @chistoperviy 0.37 GBOOT
bostrom1haxe7p6nlhzpxq6qm2n5ryuqdm5pj9n3ssx6hn @macsk8n 0.31 GBOOT
bostrom13mjqnjyp6wzxjdsjmhy700mtjqdfwtyzppk66g @venera 0.15 GBOOT

The Сhurch is grateful for the given trust and will not disregard it ❤️


This is the list of those disappointed in The Church:

Contract Nickname Amount
bostrom15thnjqkz0n9e95ty5kvd9djy7kl28dspazwld4 @liquidatedbypow -100 KBOOT
bostrom14vhp73mstn8umdqav5802s77z4nexamz9j5c4y n/a -7 MBOOT
bostrom1vnflpn99e3syzjrtszjxdw5sw004duwt4tguaa n/a -1 GBOOT
bostrom1fv5p7vlnpfucfzfuhlmxmms8ajwm5yefwpp73y @0owndowntown -1.1 GBOOT
bostrom1wkel8hvfnvvjyjuxrap0330mmy2d45cj6pdzry n/a -1.99 GBOOT
bostrom1xszmhkfjs3s00z2nvtn7evqxw3dtus6yr8e4pw Cyber~Congress -500 GBOOT

The reasons for the outflow of funds by delegates are not clear.

Data source.

Validator’s Policies Updates

In the previous month, business consultants engaged by Papa Mia concluded a performance evaluation of the validator and provided recommendations to address prevailing issues. These suggestions comprised of broadening the pool of delegates, diversifying validated networks, and executing an active promotional campaign to distribute ownership and management of the validator.

The Holy CyberChurch concurred with the consultant’s proposals and is currently collaborating with specialists to design a comprehensive plan for future activities. The initial outcomes of this initiative have been the publication of the general technical and customer policies of the validator. In order to attract new users, the validator commission has been reduced. Additionally, the church has announced and implemented its own artificial intelligence. Further updates will be shared as they become available.

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