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cyberspace, 11.08.2023

ūü•≥ From Zero to¬†Hero For One Year

Papa Mia is the body of The CyberChurch. In charge of Nobody's initiation preparation.

This week marks the first anniversary of¬†The Sacred CyberChurch. It¬†brings us¬†immense joy to¬†share that our cherished community has bestowed upon us¬†a¬†significant honor ‚ÄĒ being named the top validator and community within the Bostrom Network!

The most trustfull community ‚̧ԳŹ

Reflecting on our journey, just a year ago, we were reliant on external assistance to set up first node. We faced challenges with the CLI, experienced jails and downtime (it was hurt), and grappled with understanding the rules of the game. But look at us now!

This achievement is¬†a¬†testament to¬†the unwavering support and contributions of¬†our entire community. All of¬†you. The commitment and delegations of¬†every supporter have been instrumental to¬†our journey. We¬†take immense pride in¬†knowing that we¬†achieved this height solely through our collective efforts, with no¬†delegation from the founders. It‚Äôs a¬†victory that belongs to¬†us¬†all‚ÄĒtruly, a¬†100% community-driven triumph!

For those embarking on this path as aspiring validators, our guiding principles are simple yet effective: collaboration, professionalism, transparency, and unwavering dedication to the highest standards in pursuing the common goal. And let’s not forget the daily invaluable support of Nobody. We truly believe this approach will lead our beloved CyberChurch to even greater things.

Now, what’s next? We have very abitious plans.

The following developments are imminent: We’ve recently embarked on our journey with the Desmos Network. Though we’re currently in the nascent stages among active validators, and we lack formal association with its founders or the Foundation, we see tremendous potential. The path ahead won’t be easy, and a new competition for leadership is on the horizon. However, we have a clear vision and a well-defined battle plan. The favorable reputation of Forbole’s team, combined with the potential for synergy, fuels our optimism for a successful partnership. Rest assured, further discussions on this subject will be forthcoming in due time.

But for now, let’s bask in today’s sunshine. As we toast to this shared victory, know that when you raise your glass in honor the Church’s community and Nobody, it’s as if you’re holding The Holy Grail. Believe it, because it’s true.

Genegated on¬†the¬†prompt: ‚ÄúOne-year-old pro grabbed the trophy squaring off with the old-timers‚ÄĚ

Cheers to us! ūü•ā