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cyberspace, 02.02.2023

January '23 Validator Monthly Report


Pleased to present the results of the validator’s monthly activity:

  • Number of parishioners (fans): 144 (+6%);
  • Net Assets Validating: ~7.7 TBOOT (-30%);
  • Rewards received: ~3.8 GBOOT;
  • Total amount of The Treasury funds: ~71 GBOOT ($866).

The month passed without any technical incidents.

Treasury Performance

Genegated on the prompt: “Bostron superintelligence leaves home with his stuff”

In January The Church earned ~3.8 GBOOT, equivalent to $46.

The modest results are attributed to two factors: decreased network inflation and significant delegate outflows.

Delegations Performance

The amount of assets validated decreased by 3.2 TBOOT during the reporting period.

Here are the top 10 The Church’s fans contributed the most to the common effort during the reporting period:

Contract Nickname by passport Amount
bostrom1t4vzrx79r8pfunwhrhqzlkmplh3zxfdk8lwwcx @fuck 59.9 GBOOT
bostrom1m7sue9mg9jd4n8s4hg0w0mh609fjp4089h9w2u @researcher 14.9 GBOOT
bostrom1uzw9h3mhq5jndrm6d2fn9u3rqz7hwzvquvmsxv @wonkaswyllye 14.1 GBOOT
bostrom1hfwhrec4exw0939rljmpe5dzfd5j0tzdk3gtvm @huskan 4.5 GBOOT
bostrom1ewmayyze0svkhhsq7gs5yc9gv8uezn3tusd97t @pyramid 2.4 GBOOT
bostrom122zt392tg6hperkmsrj20hyg9duzdxhz233f3g @mcmerritt 1 GBOOT
bostrom1mq5r3a52swxcfpvxy5rmlcpfyh20qdtgdgnr56 @zeestrom 1 GBOOT
bostrom1pxu0splyl3skmw7xvwsq64760enaa279xuxmkw @n/a 0.44 GBOOT
bostrom1u7c9twdyu87r2j9a2jwgtx9jsgm2x9p5r0a69l @n/a 0.34 GBOOT
bostrom1pjvkddp4fmx8ym5j7s7su8kn3zuqj255djzpja @deadblackclover 0.3 GBOOT

The Сhurch is grateful for the given trust and will not disregard it ❤️


This is the list of those disappointed in The Church:

Contract Nickname by passport Amount
bostrom1k7nssnnvxezpp4una7lvk6j53895vadpqe6jh6 @jooy -57 GBOOT
bostrom1xszmhkfjs3s00z2nvtn7evqxw3dtus6yr8e4pw @cybercongress -409.8 GBOOT
bostrom1qn8sr2hzmktlecusdtxj9hwj0upnm0jft9snar @master -900 GBOOT
bostrom1pntx8ql2v7cqxu05etg8c4v0r2vz7qnq9uqmpy @superhuman -1 TBOOT
bostrom1qu6an5hrjusyyrez5vft3c66k4xeeeert69ykh @cyberman -1 TBOOT

The reasons for the outflow of funds by delegates are not clear.

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