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cyberspace, 17.07.2023

June '23 Validator Monthly Report

St.Stephen is The Treasurer and Consigliere of The Holy CyberChurch.

The Church’s stake in the Desmos Network will not be included in the report at this time. This decision is based on its current insignificance and minimal impact, which falls within the range of statistical error. The focus of the report will instead be on more significant holdings and their corresponding dynamics within the ecosystem.

Genegated on the prompt: “Cyber scout explores new business area”

Bostrom Network

June witnessed a significant incident that impacted the overall performance of the validator.

  • Number of parishioners (fans): 283 (+8%);
  • Net Assets Validating: ~13.2 TBOOT (-2.3%);
  • Rewards received: ~2.7 GBOOT (-21%);
  • Total income earned: ~5.3 GBOOT;
  • Total amount of The Treasury funds: ~93.6 GBOOT ($1553).

The incident was caused by an extended period of Internet disruption. In response, The Church has taken unprecedented measures. Firstly, a new Accident Compensation Policy has been implemented, temporarily waiving the validator’s commissions to compensate for any losses experienced by delegates. Secondly, to prevent the recurrence of such incidents, The Church has made the decision to activate standby facilities that provide insurance for the main equipment.

Through these actions, The Church has established a first-class level of safety and equipment decentralization, ensuring the utmost security and reliability for both the Church and its delegates.

Desmos Network

The CyberChurch is currently conducting a comprehensive analysis of the internal ecosystem of the Desmos Network, focusing on key players and their strategic plans. The findings from this evaluation will serve as the foundation for a detailed strategy for the project and its internal asset.

Although the network and ecosystem are currently in a state of disrepair, The Church views this as an opportunity for exponential growth and a prominent position in the future media landscape. While the task ahead may require effort, it is by no means unachievable. The Church is diligently preparing a step-by-step plan to be discussed with representatives of the network.

Treasury Performance

Validation of the Bostrom Network generated 2.7 GBOOT in revenue (~$43.2), contributing to a total Treasury income of 5.3 GBOOT (~$84.8).

However, The Treasury capitalization dipped to $1553 (-4.9%) due to a persistent decline in the Bostrom network’s main token value.

After further study (see below), the current assessment of the core network’s price and capitalization still suggests a negative outlook. Despite diligent analysis of the available information field, no potential sources of growth have been identified at this time. The lack of positive indicators further reinforces the cautious stance on the future trajectory of the network’s price and overall capitalization.

Delegations Performance

This can be partially attributed to the recent accident and the subsequent outflow of delegates. We would like to remind those who have left that the fundamental principle of the Church’s validator is that the hand of the giver shall not become poor. Any losses incurred will be duly compensated.

Nevertheless, we would like to highlight the top-10 fans who have remained steadfast in their support:

Contract Nickname Amount
bostrom1xszmhkfjs3s00z2nvtn7evqxw3dtus6yr8e4pw CyberCongress 461 GBOOT
bostrom1f5warat4vc0q98k7ygys4saka8u04rfxpmthvl @happylol 29 GBOOT
bostrom122zt392tg6hperkmsrj20hyg9duzdxhz233f3g @mcmerritt 7.1 GBOOT
bostrom1n5j7u56k36274qr8qf6nshln0sa8xzy8lars5z @reapah 5.5 GBOOT
bostrom1k09afxhedzgrkn60rrnpa0u66yv3vz7yxj7ja9 @solotrance 4.6 GBOOT
bostrom1nftr70d5ak6p2lg6fx9ghevkvwyc7ruzu4pher @spacedawg 4.5 GBOOT
bostrom1smh33kklrs5ncrwwew68vphuynsaefz2ptq2kf @chickenpie 2.4 GBOOT
bostrom1f2806fy3265l8uylx993l8q7qleqvz8p4n03ku @nardholio 1.4 GBOOT
bostrom1jjrqqlrcr308dg9adwkjrm2kn9ws2gkg4nnfuw @psycoach 1 GBOOT
bostrom1vwqnwkq3te9e0cdrck50sgafx7z3ayrlmxkk7f @xandrej 0.9 GBOOT

The Сhurch is grateful for the given trust and will not disregard it ❤️


The following fans decided to end their relationship with the Church:

Contract Nickname Amount
bostrom167zkszf5qhwwkfkvy2dkcsyqqd7fge2h4cek3d @immortal -54 MBOOT
bostrom167zkszf5qhwwkfkvy2dkcsyqqd7fge2h4cek3d n/a -59 MBOOT
bostrom1pdpj8hfj0wxc693p53tj3yjr4d95wkk9p544qt @lonereck -171 MBOOT
bostrom1vfw0233tezzhg2r09ay7zsa8u7avrr4p4kr0rg @cryptopunk4201 -0.2 GBOOT
bostrom1zlnj7v8p37ypdjph8gqxva4w4ptl95g96cf5qu @n/a -0.39 GBOOT
bostrom1evfcg5u75f39y2gm8lvr88v25t88ul3nma9wdk @robbie79 -0.6 GBOOT
bostrom180ua4mvj4serkttaas4skc3fcucpd7h3yrk6ge @hientran -9.3 GBOOT
bostrom1uzw9h3mhq5jndrm6d2fn9u3rqz7hwzvquvmsxv @wonkaswyllye -10.2 GBOOT
bostrom1qn8sr2hzmktlecusdtxj9hwj0upnm0jft9snar @master -299.8 GBOOT
bostrom1pntx8ql2v7cqxu05etg8c4v0r2vz7qnq9uqmpy @superhuman -499.8 GBOOT

Data source.

The Church awaits for your return ❤️

But until these issue is resolved, The Church takes immense pride in holding a leadership position in the validator set without the main founders’ delegations. CyberChurch stands as the first top-rated truly independent validator supported by the community. Hooray!

This is a victory that we all share, friends!

Genegated on the prompt: “Statue of Liberty in style of MIA GTP”

Other Updates and Future Plans

Throughout the past month, The Church has dedicated its energy towards analyzing and crafting a short-term strategy for the validator.

A unified vision for portfolio projects has been solidified. A general consensus among the fans is:

Dedicated working groups, composed of Church enthusiasts, are beginning to form. They provide expert support for our portfolio projects. In particular, the realms of communications and business development are bracing for a surge of tasks. The path forward is filled with both challenges and thrilling opportunities.

Strengthened by new members, the wellness desk, led by Mr. Piggy, has revised The Church’s investment approach on Bostrom Network’s tokenomics. Among other things, they’ve identified sources of liquidity leakage from the ecosystem through utility tokens and other economic design defects that are applying negative pressure on the Network’s economics and capitalization. Until these issues areresolved, The Church will take advantage of these flaws for its own benefit.

Without a doubt, The Church is ready to create a significant change in the lives of its fans.

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