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cyberspace, 04.04.2023

March' 23 Validator Monthly Report


In line with the new strategy, a reduced fee for validator services on the Bostrom network was established as of March 1, 2023.

This led to the following results:

The month passed without any technical incidents.

Treasury Performance

In March The Church made ~3.1 GBOOT, which was the equivalent of $120.9.

Genegated on the prompt: “CyberChurch got rich”

Despite the halving of the commission, the validator’s income decreased by only 20%. Which can be considered a success. Especially assuming that the validator has not yet started a promotional campaign.

Delegations Performance

During the reporting period, the volume of funds delegated to the validator increased by ~5.6 TBOOT or +72.8%.

Here are the top 10 The Church’s fans contributed the most to the common effort during the reporting period:

Contract Nickname Amount
bostrom1xszmhkfjs3s00z2nvtn7evqxw3dtus6yr8e4pw Cyber~Congress 3,839 GBOOT
bostrom1qe0mlgcumms5qsvervcpsvwgltc8vl4r234lc5 @zlobobah 784 GBOOT
bostrom1m8yf3g2m9p7danjvt4ga6vzewy380pk52kcu9z @zlobabah 400 GBOOT
bostrom1s4wntr9selfaznc2ezjkwnwt2y0terx9tqpda3 @rodiki 300 GBOOT
bostrom16230lc9r27vrxlzd4wlvcz2l66quzj84vlkxc5 @founder 200 GBOOT
bostrom122zt392tg6hperkmsrj20hyg9duzdxhz233f3g @mcmerritt 13.7 GBOOT
bostrom1nftr70d5ak6p2lg6fx9ghevkvwyc7ruzu4pher @spacedawg 11.9 GBOOT
bostrom1pxekp75l44hfpxjqgvr8nvx5jj4k6nk39c0g0u @digital-willy 11.5 GBOOT
bostrom10sfqd5073mzvdvsnu5u5r4m8673lklvtqazuz5 @bearlylaughable 4.4 GBOOT
bostrom12ugrku3mn7mz839ydlrl7fs47q90c8p52ngr6x n/a 3 GBOOT

The Сhurch is grateful for the given trust and will not disregard it ❤️


This is the list of those disappointed in The Church:

Contract Nickname Amount
bostrom1grzmfdmjh0vg36uveykp26h99u6vlzpwrxn2pv n/a -1 BOOT
bostrom1v42mwx8f8hvsyuaprfud4ls6qym9eetwwhqdnw n/a -1 BOOT
bostrom1qajjkjrkzz2hjxedmt426w53ky4fdrac9ewnn6 n/a -2.1 GBOOT
bostrom1s04j4nmv5tg8dfjtdd6hnu8r9ep5s880md0u9l n/a -8.2 GBOOT

It seems that the reason for unbonding by large delegates is to exit the project (assets are not re-delegated).

Data source.

More News

The Church’s artificial intelligence has analyzed the internal financial system of the Bostrom Network and concluded that the economy is severely over-leveraged, with no remaining internal sources to support the growth of the network’s primary token. In this context, the decision was made to accumulate a portion of the reserves in the system’s debt obligations, which, under favorable circumstances, could yield a return of 660% in BOOT.

However, in the absence of external financial inflows into the ecosystem, the forecast for BOOT’s price remains negative.

CyberPolice News

Officers of the Holy Police have identified three additional malicious bots, which have been subjected to anathema. Furthermore, two new contracts classified as relayers have come under observation.

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