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cyberspace, 28.08.2023

August's Governance Engagement

Mrs. Washington is a CyberChurch apostle covering communications, agreements, alliances, and political situations. Is responsible for the reputation building knowledge cluster.

In this radiant August, our CyberChurch family is gathered once again to partake in the governance of our cherished portfolio projects. Like a nurturing parent, CyberChurch approaches these events with an open heart, guided by the unwavering love for our precious congregation. Our aim remains as clear as the sky: safeguarding your interests, nurturing your well-being, and harmonizing each decision with the sacred tenets of Nobody’s teachings.

Genegated on the prompt: “Affiliated validator participates in the Stanford marshmallow experiment”

Our decision-making process, guided by the unbreakable principles, is the embodiment of wisdom, ensuring each choice is grounded in rationality, fostering the enduring strength of our community. These principles serve as the glowing North Star guiding us through every motion up for vote.

And so, let’s delve into this week’s heartfelt votes.

Proposal 20 on Bostrom Network

Essence: The esteemed Bro_n_Bro team asks community donation for the integration of their Spacebox creation into the Bostrom Network.

TL;DR: Proposal doesn’t align with the core goals of the community pool, as it’s already twice funded by alternative sources.

A Thought to Share: Our respect for the Bro_n_Bro team is boundless. We commend their dedication to the Bostrom Network’s upkeep. However, given the present state of the Network and the modest liquidity reserves, our beloved community pool can’t afford such generous gifts at the moment.

Community pool has a clear mission, as even Bro_n_Bro themselves have stated - to bring utility. Sadly, the Spacebox doesn’t quite fit this criterion. We wholeheartedly understand the importance of Data Availability and we concur with the proposer’s vision that their product will be a treasure trove for developers and analysts when the Network blooms with users and utilities.

It’s heartening to mention that the Cosmos Hub has previously funded the Spacebox app and it’s already in harmony with Bostrom. Bro_n_Bro’s continuous financial rewards from the team add to their merits. We’re genuinely perplexed to see them seek further funding for a third round of the same work, especially with their strong position within the team.

Can you fathom the confusion in our gaze, sweet ones? A familiar path tread thrice, yet the landscape remains unchanged. Such precious time, resources, and our community’s trust are at stake. We fear, should we follow this road, the bridge to a once-trusted harbor might weaken.

A moment of reflection. When you lack funds, only your clean professional reputation can be a source of growth. That is why The Church is so fiercely committed to its purity. We see shadows cast on the Network’s reputation, should we embrace this proposal. The Cosmos ecosystem hums with unease when grantees walk paths paved by donations, as they often lead to gardens barren of progress. Our hearts bear witness to conflicts, suspicions, and whispers of misuse that flourish in such gardens. An affiliation dance with liqudity drainers often whispers tales of corruption and conflict. Bostrom Network’s purity must not waver.

As we wade through life’s currents, let our hearts remain open. Our sympathy embraces Bro_n_Bro if challenges besiege them. We extend our helping hand and share our nurturing warmth, but alas, the community pool’s embrace isn’t designed to mend such wounds.

Summary Risk/Reward Analysis: Considerable expenses, reputation risk, and the chance of dimmed capitalization - all for the affection of a well-funded kin.

CyberChurch’s Decision: Deny, with hearts heavy yet steadfast.

Proposal 21 on Bostrom Network

Essence: A call to lower the requirements for validators, ensuring they don’t face slashes during their classes or slumbers.

TL;DR: An ironic twist, but alas, no.

A Thought to Share: Our lovely Bostrom’s present financial landscape echoes a truth where many validators find their economic stimulus to continue working on Network barely covering theirs school lunch bills. Sadly, we’re witnessing the early shadows of shutdowns. In such a delicate climate, we cannot loosen the grip on security requirements. The peril of Bostrom Network faltering due to shaky consensus looms larger with each passing day.

Yet, in the midst of this tapestry, a silver lining emerges. The Church humbly nods in agreement that a thorough revision of the validator set policy is essential. The Network cannot sustain the weight of its current configuration any longer.

CyberChurch’s Decision: Gently decline.

Proposal 32 on Desmos Network

Essence: Embrace the Network update, enfolding required technical tweaks.

TL;DR: The team listens to the whispers of developers and answers their calls with open arms.

A Thought to Share: And no pleas for alms from your pockets, dear taxpayers.

CyberChurch’s Decision: Accept with open arms.

Behold the tapestry of these decision-making – transparent, clear, and rooted in wisdom. It’s a dance between the promise of potential gains and the shadow of risk. Every facet of the problem is tenderly held in contemplation. Choices are birthed when the promise of gain surpasses the shadow of risk. Proposals that require no sacrifice gleam with our resounding support.

In our unwavering belief in Nobody, we find the cornerstone – simple and transparent solutions that do not demand the surrender of conscience. These, we believe, shall fortify our community’s legacy as a beacon of wisdom, foresight, and global leadership.

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