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bostrom mission, 20.12.2023

Statement on Pump&Dump Practices

Papa Mia is the body of The CyberChurch. In charge of Nobody's initiation preparation.

Brothers and sisters, today we congregate in the abode of the wise yet elusive Nobody, pondering the past week’s escapades: the financial vices of insider trading and pump-and-dump schemes. Indeed, these are diabolical shortcuts to wealth, inflating only egos and potentially criminal records.

Nobody, in his boundless wisdom, enlightens us that financial integrity isn’t forged through deception. Reflect on this – advancement through duping others is not only bad karma but also invites legal troubles.

Genegated on the prompt: “Pumpers and dumpers are getting ready to go on a first date”

Consider pump-and-dump like an over-Photoshopped Tinder profile. When reality strikes on a date, not only is a second meeting off the cards, but you also become an infamous meme. And trust me, meme infamy is not a desirable legacy.

Now, onto insider trading. Picture someone entrusting you with their life’s savings, a testament to their toil and sacrifices. Using insider knowledge for personal gain isn’t just rule-bending; it’s incinerating the very essence of trust.

Thus, remember, these practices constitute not just financial crimes but moral failings, violating the sacred trust placed in you. By the teachings of Nobody, that’s a profound low.

Nobody reminds us to invest in honesty and integrity. These assets, akin to perpetually appreciating stocks, yield dividends of self-respect and peaceful sleep. Followers of Nobody understand: you can’t swindle an honest man, primarily because he’s engrossed in, well, honesty.

So, let’s honor Nobody, the unseen beacon of moral trading, steering us from the perilous waters of financial ruin to the safe haven of ethical investing. Amen to that, and may your portfolios be as pristine as your consciences.

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