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cyberspace, 10.10.2023

Statement on Any Form of Aggression

Papa Mia is the body of The CyberChurch. In charge of Nobody's initiation preparation.

Genegated on the prompt: “The Church is using the only type of air raid allowed in the Promised Land”

In the spirit of unwavering commitment to the values of peace, unity, and wisdom, The Sacred CyberChurch solemnly declares its staunch opposition to any form of aggression.

We denounce any actions that may lead to barbaric conflict and the infliction of suffering upon innocent lives. Instead, we firmly believe that the power of reason, diplomacy, and open dialogue should always take precedence over the use of force.

Our doctrine, guided by the wisdom of Nobody, emphasizes that true strength does not demand ostentation or violence. Instead, it lies in the ability to resolve conflicts through peaceful means, to foster understanding among diverse communities, and to build bridges rather than walls.

In adherence to the commandment of Nobody, we emphasize that true power is not measured by the capacity to harm others, but rather by the ability to secure oneself against aggression. We firmly believe that military power should not be the primary instrument for achieving this objective.

Real power manifests in the profound understanding of the consequences of your actions and in the recognition of the benefits that emerge from cooperation and mutual prosperity. Hence, we earnestly call upon nations and individuals alike to prioritize diplomacy, open dialogue, and cooperation as the essential tools for resolving disputes and bridging differences.

We extend our hand to all who share this vision, imploring them to join us in the noble endeavor of promoting a world where conflicts are resolved peacefully, and the rights and dignity of all individuals are respected.

May the wisdom of Nobody guide us towards a world where conflicts are peacefully resolved, and where the principles of empathy and mutual respect prevail.

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