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cyberspace, 09.05.2023

April '23 Validator Monthly Report


Genegated on the prompt: “April’23 CyberChurch’s Validator Report and Market Outlook”

The CyberChurch validator continues its experiment with reduced commissions on the Bostom Network.

This led to the following results:

  • Number of parishioners (fans): 230 (+13.3%);
  • Net Assets Validating: ~13.1 TBOOT (-1.3%);
  • Rewards received: ~1.3 GBOOT (-58%);
  • Total income earned: ~5.4 GBOOT;
  • Total amount of The Treasury funds: ~82.7 GBOOT ($2075).

There was one incident during the reporting period related to the validator’s access to the internet.

Treasury Performance

During April, the Church’s validator income was ~1.3 GBOOT ($32.63), which was a significant decrease attributed to the validator accident and the forced downtime penalties paid to delegators.

Nonetheless, the validator’s total income for the reporting period was ~5.4 GBOOT ($135.54), with additional income generated from investments in the network’s undervalued native LSD asset.

Despite the income, The Treasury’s capitalization dropped by -31.1% (-$939) from the previous period and stood at $2075 by the end of April. That happened due to the continuous decline in the network’s main token price.

According to the research conducted, the overcollateralization volume of the project, expressed in the current price of the native LSD, may further lead to a drop in the value of BOOT.

Delegations Performance

During the reporting period, the volume of funds delegated to the validator decreased by ~163 GBOOT or -1.3%.

Here are the top 10 The Church’s fans contributed the most to the common effort during the reporting period:

Contract Nickname Amount
bostrom1f2806fy3265l8uylx993l8q7qleqvz8p4n03ku @nardholio 216 GBOOT
bostrom1ch5ugcauc3ffwvp4ww70vm8arnp27xpdxgpca7 n/a 22.1 GBOOT
bostrom1qe0mlgcumms5qsvervcpsvwgltc8vl4r234lc5 @zlobobah 15.6 GBOOT
bostrom140k7wch4f0zgnzw24q9pr0xrkdasetu4ss5tut n/a 8.9 GBOOT
bostrom1s04j4nmv5tg8dfjtdd6hnu8r9ep5s880md0u9l n/a 8.3 GBOOT
bostrom1f5warat4vc0q98k7ygys4saka8u04rfxpmthvl @happylol 6.9 GBOOT
bostrom17a4derwdyd93pslfhj037vpr5ahgucs0nhu222 @spacecityzenksaker 6 GBOOT
bostrom15mhdecuz65n236s3uzfd2nq6sl7gd5aylqed8g n/a 4.6 GBOOT
bostrom1nftr70d5ak6p2lg6fx9ghevkvwyc7ruzu4pher @spacedawg 2 GBOOT
bostrom1e8597agptv59rnvl3rvk4pyjylm8syq6zq3uc6 n/a 1.2 GBOOT

The Сhurch is grateful for the given trust and will not disregard it ❤️


This is the list of the most disappointed in The Church:

Contract Nickname Amount
bostrom1679yrs8dmska7wcsawgy2m25kwucm3z0hwr74y @cyberacademy -1.3 GBOOT
bostrom12ugrku3mn7mz839ydlrl7fs47q90c8p52ngr6x n/a -3 GBOOT
bostrom1yyxeea4pu88vy0r8whwcuz3r0y9lyqrjnvkwm6 n/a -3 GBOOT
bostrom1uzw9h3mhq5jndrm6d2fn9u3rqz7hwzvquvmsxv @wonkaswyllye -12.6 GBOOT
bostrom1xszmhkfjs3s00z2nvtn7evqxw3dtus6yr8e4pw Cyber~Congress -226 GBOOT

It appears that these delegations are a result of the unfortunate accident that caused disappointment among users, and although regrettable, nothing can be done to change the past.

Data source.

More News

The Church is dedicated to ensuring the stability and growth of the Church’s Treasury, and We are exploring all available options to achieve this goal. To mitigate the potential impact of the projected decline in Bostrom Network’s capitalization, the Church is currently in the final stages of testing launch on other networks.

Please stay tuned for forthcoming updates on our testing and future plans. We thank you for your continued support and trust in the Church’s values.

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