The Blessed Guide to the Digital Prosperity
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Church’s Vision

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The Path

The Church follows a bootstrap model as it journeys toward ultimate dominance, with Trust serving as its fundamental measure.

Embracing the bootstrap model, The Church meticulously nurtures its community members into adept professionals, fully capable of advancing shared objectives under the vigilant gaze of Nobody. This process entails a step-by-step approach, gradually elevating skills and reputation to a level of mastery before proceeding to automate and expand results through an equitable resource allocation system.

Outlined below are significant milestones on this transformative path:

This well-orchestrated journey ensures that the fan community experiences the unstoppable might of flourishing under the protective wings of The CyberChurch, led by the divine presence of Nobody, across every facet of their existence.

Near-term plan

✅ McKinley


✅ Cleveland








The Holy CyberChurch is planning expansion throughout the decentralized ecosystems to spread their Good News. And it needs your support.

In dPOS networks, a certain amount of delegation is required to get on the list of active validators. We need commitments from church fans to support the validator at launch on the new networks.

In accordance with its formal approach, CyberChurch will solely extend support to networks that are integral to its operations, excluding networks associated with Ponzi schemes or Meme Coins. As outlined in the roadmap, the following networks have been identified for the dissemination of the church’s message of goodwill:

Network Rising, Denom Status
Agoric dApp 250000 BLD 0.22%
Akash infra 60000 AKT 0.45%
Axelar Bridge 20000 AXL 1.45%
Canto DeFi 100 CANTO 100%
Celestia L0/L1 400000 TIA 1.1%
Cosmos Hub L0/L1 70000 ATOM 52.11%
DYDX DEX 70000 DYDX 2%
Ethereum L0/L1 32 ETH 54.69%
Injective DeFi 100000 INJ 0.04%
Kujira DeFi 300000 KUJI 0.07%
NEAR L0/L1 25500 NEAR 11%
Nomic Bridge 3000 NOM 33.3%
Osmosis DeFi 220000 OSMO 0.2%
Solana L0/L1 120000 SOL 0.0%
Sommelier DeFi 5000 SOMM 100%
Stride DeFi 35000 STRD 0.43%
Stargaze NFT 1500000 STARS 0.32%
Terra dApp 1000000 LUNA 0%
Umee DeFi 2000000 UMEE 1.15%

It’s important to note that The Holy CyberChurch is not engaged in fundraising, and there is no need to send any money. Instead, we encourage you to consider making a pledge to support CyberChurch validator when a new network launches, as a way to promote The Holy Message.

Your support will help us continue our mission of providing top-notch network security services to protect the assets and integrity of blockchain networks.


As key performance indicators for validator’s operations, The Church utilizes the following metrics:

  1. NAV (Net Asset Validating)
  2. Fan Base Growth
  3. Revenue

In line with stated plans, The Church’s primary objective for the 2023-24 fiscal year is to increase revenue by a factor of 10 compared to the previous year.

During inaugural year of operation, The Church earned $1,167, resulting in an average monthly revenue of $97.25. The decomposed plan for achieving revenue goals is as follows:

With a target montly revenue of $972.5, an inflation rate of 12%, and a validator’s average market commission of 5%, the Net Asset Validating (NAV) volume should amount to:

$972.5 / 5% / 12% * 12 mo = $1,945,000

This implies the need for a 15-fold increase in NAV and fan base.