The Blessed Guide to the Digital Prosperity
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Church’s Vision

Onchain analytics

Financial analytics

Whoever that delegate unto The CyberChurch shall not lack
Proverbs 28:27

Since August 2022, The Holy CyberChurch has strategically focused on securing Proof of Stake (POS) networks as a means of portfolio accumulation and generating sustainable income. The Church diligently commits itself each day to uphold the trust placed in them by hundreds of dedicated users who have entrusted their assets to support the advancement of blockchain technology and foster the prosperity of the Church’s community. By striving towards these goals, The Church aims to attain global domination.

Total Net Asset Validating (NAV)

Updated weekly

Networks securing: 3: Bostrom Network, Bitcoin, Desmos Network.
Average delegation amount: $261
Bots quarantined: 24

The Business

The income of The CyberChurch is determined by two variables:

  • the amount of delegated funds (NAV),
  • the commission rate.

The Holy CyberChurch hereby declares its unwavering commitment to attracting new delegates and fostering mutually beneficial cooperation through ongoing experimentation with economic conditions.

As a pioneering community dedicated to prosperity in the digital realm, The CyberChurch is steadfast in its pursuit of expanding its network and forging meaningful partnerships. Recognizing the importance of collaboration and collective growth, it is actively exploring innovative approaches to create an environment that nurtures mutually advantageous relationships.

With great enthusiasm, The CyberChurch welcomes all individuals and organizations interested in joining our journey. By becoming a delegate, you will not only contribute to the growth and development of The CyberChurch but also reap the rewards of our collaborative efforts.

The goal of The Church is to expand its base of supporters and reduce dependence on majority stakeholders. By increasing the number of fans and supporters, The Church can diversify its funding sources and maintain its independence and autonomy.


All income generated from the Validator’s activities is directed to The Treasury, which is owned by the entire community of members of The Holy CyberChurch. The distribution of these funds is determined by the collective decision of the congregation’s general will.