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Desmos Network Vision

Church’s Vision


Desmos Network offers a range of tools for creating decentralized social networks and media. The project has been under development for an extended period and is currently in the process of finding its direction.

The CyberChurch firmly believes in its vision of the future, where every economic agent will require their own media. Desmos Network has the potential to fulfill this need.

Genegated on the prompt: “Future of public communications”

Recognizing the challenges of the media business, particularly in attracting clients and building an audience (the chicken and egg problem), The CyberChurch emphasizes the importance of developing partnerships within the ecosystem. All the more so, considering that all potential partners are already ideologically and economically invested in the advancement of this collaborative narrative. This step-by-step approach aims to increase reach, improve the quality of tools, and expand the size of the audience.

This strategy is manageable, doesn’t require substantial investments, and provides transparent metrics for comprehensive control. The CyberChurch is ready to contribute its sales team and development expertise to actively pursue this direction.

In return, The Church expects to secure a position in the top 10 list of active validators, receiving fair rewards for their contributions.

Currently, a detailed proposal is being prepared for project representatives to discuss the collaboration’s specifics.