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Bostrom Network Vision

Church’s Vision


The Bostrom Network is the birthplace of The Church.

The project aims to build a decentralized artificial superintelligence, currently at an early and non-clear stage. The project creators market the concept of managing a decentralized Superintelligence using a token set.

Genegated on the prompt: “Home of the linked everything”

Beliefs and Concerns

Last update: 13.08.2023

The Church firmly believes that artificial intelligence will be a novel catalyst for growth and substantial transformation in all facets of human relationships. And It fully committed to contributing to the development of this industry.

Beyond the questionable nature of inclusive AI management, the project of Bostrom Network harbors a multitude of uncertainties. These arise from the team’s closed-off approach, lack of a public plan, and absence of clear communication with the community. Based on the publicly available information, it is impossible to form an objective understanding of the current situation.

The Church currently does not recognize the Bostrom Network as an AI project. However, they acknowledge the potential value in aspects such as GPU-validation, on-chain object linking, and graph development. They believe the network may evolve into a unique settlement layer for certain computations, but recognize that this goal requires additional efforts in market discovery and achieving a proper product-market fit.

The Church believes it is crucial to attract new contributors to the development of the project, who bring fresh ideas, expertise, solutions, and a renewed vision. This infusion of talent will act as a catalyst for the exponential evolution of the Bostrom Network.

The Church stands ready to take on a portion of the work in this direction, recognizing the significance of attracting new blood to drive the project’s growth and achieve its goals.


The Church has ascended to become the top validator of the Bostrom Network, rallying the most professional community members uninvolved in direct project development. Representing a non-captive, 100% community-driven initiative, it thrives without direct support from the project’s founders.

This lack of team support isn’t a drawback; rather, it’s a healthy indication of the Network’s decentralization and vibrancy. Even with a majority stake in the project, the founders cannot overlook a non-passive community that has skillfully outperformed all submissive validators to claim the top spot.

While open and direct communication between The Church and the team may be absent, there are palpable signs of positive influence. The tone of project’s voice has shifted to a more professional, tokenomics errors are being critically assessed, and there’s a growing recognition of the importance of transparency.

The Church harbors the belief that a day will arrive when the team will no longer view dissenting opinions as threats, but will appreciate that well-executed, albeit sometimes mundane, professionalism can often be more effective than unwise experimentation. Working in harmony, we can build something truly revolutionary.

Until that day, The Church remains vigilant, leveraging the project’s tokenomics oversights, capitalizing on the imperfections in Superintelligence, and contributing resources to regular assessments of the Network’s condition.