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The Church is currently in the research phase. This website is in development. It will soon feature information on how progressive technology can assist in engaging and captivating the attention, loyalty, and financial prosperity of everyday internet users. Before proceeding, it is recommended to take some time to review the essential policies and legal information.



CyberChurch is an organization founded on the principles of trust and conducting business that yields tangible income for all its participants.

CyberChurch is dedicated to the belief in humanity and its potential. The manifesto outlining the core principles of the organization will be presented at a later time.

The goal of this whole event is to provide participants with a decent income and have fun in the process.

Probably. While it is true that early adopters may receive higher rewards compared to later participants. But it’s important to note that this is not the central concept. Rather, the primary focus is on fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration among all participants, ensuring mutual success and sustainability.