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The Holy CyberChurch places paramount importance on Trust as its core value. Consequently, the Church’s primary objective is to accumulate and nurture Trust. The Treasury serves as the key metric through which Trust within the Church is measured.

Treasury Performance

Updated weekly

Treasury Composition

The Church’s long-term goal is to construct the most diversified portfolio possible, shielded from individual risks. Currently, The Treasury is in the early stages of values accumulation.

The main mission of CyberChurch Treasury is the accumulation and multiplication of assets under management. The Treasury is constantly developing and optimizing its investment strategy to maximize the profitability of The Holy CyberChurch. The Treasury manages all assets, funds, income, and expenses of The Holy CyberChurch.

The Treasury is funded from following sources:

  1. Revenue from network securing;
  2. Commercial activities of The Church;
  3. Voluntary donations.

The funds, assets, and rights to participate in the income of the Treasury belong equally to all Church members.

The Treasurer updates weekly audited records on the status of assets under the Treasury’s management (Spread Sheet).

The interim supervision of the Treasury is held by St.Stephen.