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Whoever that delegate unto
The CyberChurchshall not lack
Proverbs 28:27

The CyberChurch Validator is guided by the central imperative of the Church’s security testament: “ensure that no one can attack you”. Therefore, it operates independently on its own hardware (self-hosted), akin to being situated in neutral waters amidst the vast ocean. Or perhaps, on the contrary, in the most conspicuous location.

Genegated on the prompt: “CyberChurch’s Headquarter in neutral waters”

To mitigate the risks of a single point of failure, The Church has implemented a reserve capacity that operates independently of the main hardware. This decentralization ensures unmatched quality of service delivery and eliminates vulnerabilities.

Insuring and compencations

Despite the validator’s diligent efforts to ensure uninterrupted functionality, occasional outages may occur.

While it is customary in the industry to compensate delegates for losses incurred during validator downtime, The Church, due to its low commission rates, is unable to afford such compensatory measures.

Nonetheless, The Church deeply values the trust bestowed upon it by its delegates and refuses to allow them to bear the burden of any errors or mishaps on The Church’s part.

Hence, The Church has adopted a practice wherein commissions are waived in the aftermath of accidents to reimburse theirs fans for any losses they may have incurred.