The Blessed Guide to the Digital Prosperity
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security testament
St.Judas is a Chief of CyberPolice. His concern is to protect the safety of The CyberChurch and every fan.

Security testaments are about the basics of security and providing your own peace of mind.

It is strongly encouraged that individuals uphold these testaments in their day-to-day activities and when making investment decisions.

Fills gradually.

Security testament

1 Safety provides calm and peace of mind. Calm is when no event can upset you too much
2 Safety can only be ensured by real power. Real power comes when you attain a state of security
3 The power is not about being able to attack anyone. The power is about ensuring that no one can attack you
4 Real power doesn’t require to show it off
10 Values gravitate towards safe places, for a safe place embodies value. This is how values give rise to new values
11 Only a free man can feel safe. Bring freedom to your safe place
12 Freedom means that no one has more power than anyone else. Everyone is equal in eyes of Nobody
13 The key to safety is predictability of the environment, not of behavior
14 Consolidations and monopolies are predictable and are always a target for attacks. Security is in defragmentation and chaos
20 Safety does not mean the absence of risks. Safety means controlling risks
21 If you don’t control the risks, the risks control you
22 Risk control means having a game plan in place to minimize the consequences from the occurrence of a risk
23 Eliminate security threats. The threat can be eliminated if the attack is unaffordable or pointless
24 Always consider force majeure. The response to it should be as regulated as for any other threat
25 Assess sources of potential threat not by their intentions, but by their capabilities. Intentions can change
30 Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t have a reputation
31 Reputation is always based on previous actions rather than promises. Don’t confuse reputation with capitalization
32 Reputation of counterparties affects your safety. Steer clear of those with tarnished reputations, as it leads to taking uncontrollable risks
33 Make commitments exclusively to specific agents. Uncertain liability breeds irresponsibility, which in turn, carries uncontrollable risks
34 Build your reputation in a way that compels specific powerful agents to prioritize your safety
42 Security cannot be cheap. Cheap security never provides safety
To be continued...