The Blessed Guide to the Digital Prosperity
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Mrs. Washington is a CyberChurch apostle covering communications, agreements, alliances, and political situations. Is responsible for the reputation building knowledge cluster.

Reputation directly influences capitalization. This testament outlines the principles of cultivating public opinion and shaping public image to achieve the expected outcomes.

The Church strongly advises individuals to actively nurture their own reputations and not leave the process of building it to chance.

Fills gradually.

Reputation testament

1 Reputation is a derivative of publicity
2 Everybody possesses a reputation. The only way to have no reputation is to be a Nobody
3 You can’t be a Nobody and a Somebody at the same time. Choose one
6 If you don’t control your reputation, your reputation will control you
7 Reputation is a function of expectations. A good reputation signifies that your behavior aligns with the expectations of others
8 Controlling reputation involves effectively managing both personal behavior and the expectations of others
9 The expectations of others are shaped by both your past behavior and the commitments you make for the future
10 Reputation is the most valuable asset. It directly influences capitalization. Drive value to enhance it
11 Building reputation brings power. Power is the ability to make things happen
12 To build powerful things, it is necessary to build power through coalitions for scale
13 The fastest way to get coalitions is to show others irrefutable proof that your success is inevitable, with or without them
15 Never burn bridges. You never know when you might need to cross them again
19 Declare yourself the best in your field. And prove it every day
20 The root of any conflict lies in unreasonable expectations. Be exceptionally clear about your intentions
21 Never ask for anything. Offer a fair trade
23 You can’t buy a respect. You can only earn it
22 Your spending reflects your true self. Following your money is the primary principle by which you are evaluated. Financial transactions eloquently convey your priorities, reputation, and sentiments more effectively than any other means
23 Retinue plays the king. Take care of the purity of your community
24 Do not be shy about yourself, your past, and your plans. Cultivate your story
30 Honesty and openness ensure trust
31 Trust is the wellspring of boundless leverage and coalitions. Trustlessness cannot be a source of scaling
40 Culture always triumphs over unculture and barbarism
41 Always maintain politeness and respect; never engage in insults or humiliation. In the face of unculture and barbarism, culture always emerges victorious
42 Suppress the urge to express your emotions. Emotions are transient, while impressions endure
43 Thoughts expressed in a style marginally above the average cultural level are typically received well. However, overly sophisticated or overly simplistic styles often fail to resonate
44 Delays, lags, bugs, and typos create a perception of unreliability
45 Don’t critique a solution unless you understand the task’s demands
59 Woe to you when all men speak well of you, For so did their fathers to the false prophets (Luke 6:26)
To be continued...