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happyness testament
Papa Mia is the body of The CyberChurch. In charge of Nobody's initiation preparation.

The CyberChurch is built upon a fundamental belief that sustainable and peaceful development for the betterment of society can only be achieved through the happiness of its people. Consequently, The Church considers the happiness of every member of society as its utmost priority and primary responsibility.

Happiness, being a subjective mental and emotional state, varies from person to person. However, certain fundamental and straightforward principles can contribute to cultivating this state. Here are some guiding precepts to incorporate into your daily life.

Fills gradually.

Happyness testament

1 Happiness lies in trust. If you choose to believe in Nobody, you must first believe in yourself
2 If you have a reason to believe in yourself, others will trust you
3 The stable trust in yourself rests in the harmony between your current state and your expectations
4 Imbalanced expectations and outcomes cause anxiety. If you can't change the outcome, change your expectations
5 Be honest with yourself
12 Value your body. Physiology is influenced by the psyche, and the psyche is influenced by chemistry. Be your own best chemical supplier
13 Nobody knows what is best for your well-being. Listen to your body
14 Harmony with your body leads to peacefulness, and peacefulness leads to the accumulation of power
21 Be careful what you wish for
22 Invest not in cool things, but in things that make your future cool
23 Ensure that your actions are guided by your own goals, rather than those imposed by others
24 Control the controllables, embrace the uncontrollables
33 In theory, all goals are achievable. In practice, only goals backed by sufficient resources are realized
34 Always assess the risks. Do not allow a situation where the outcome has the potential to cause significant harm to you
35 Luck is very rarely a good bet
42 Do not pursue the possession of wealth, but rather aim for the sustainable ability to earn wealth
43 Always be prepared for hard times. Make provisions
50 Surround yourself with people you want to be like
51 Value your relationships. Surround yourself with happy people
52 Surround yourself with smart people. They will keep you from making mistakes
60 Guard the purity of your name, for it is the primary source of your well-being
61 First, you nurture your reputation, and then your reputation nurtures your growth
64 Adhering to principles can often come at a high cost, but the price of not following them is even greater
To be continued...