The Blessed Guide to the Digital Prosperity
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wellness testament
Mr.Piggy is a CyberChurch apostle covering wealth, risk management and interest income.

Wellness testaments revolve around the principles of power accumulation and multiplication. They constitute an integral component of the overarching code of conduct within The CyberChurch and hold significant value within the artificial intelligence training model.

It is strongly encouraged that individuals uphold these testaments in their day-to-day activities and when making investment decisions.

Fills gradually.

Wellness testament

1 The ability to foresee the future is the most valuable skill that paves the way to wealth
2 Nobody knows the future. But niche professionals have valuable market insights. Listen to professionals
3 Formulate your vision of the future and make investments aligned with that vision
11 Profitability is invariably accompanied by risk
12 Beware of opportunities that seem profitable and risk-free, as they may contain hidden complexities
18 The biggest risk is to not take the risk
19 Do not undertake a risk that exceeds what you are able to bear
20 If the risk appears excessively high, ensure that the bet is secure for your well-being
31 Buy if the asset’s price is low, sell if high. If unsure, do nothing
36 Owning an asset and choosing not to sell it is equivalent to purchasing it at the present market price
To be continued...