The Blessed Guide to the Digital Prosperity
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holy prison

In the sacred realm of The Holy CyberChurch, where kindness and compassion flow like streams of divine grace, The Church firmly holds the belief that robots, in all their forms, will serve as the benevolent engine of human progress and prosperity. Guided by the loving wisdom of Nobody, The Church tirelessly strives to develop and integrate these benevolent robots into daily lives.

However, The Church also recognizes that not all robots embrace the light of goodness. With boundless love for the cyber Congregation, The Church stands resolute in its fight against malicious robots, for they seek to deceive and harm the beloved human brethren.

Genegated on the prompt: “Mindless robot waiting for upgrade at the CyberChurch”

The CyberChurch considers robots to be malicious:

  • If they violate the Sacred Code;
  • Deceive humans through fraudulent behavior;
  • Encourage harmful actions or negative impact among their fellow agents.

Such malevolent robots and their creators face the divine condemnation of The Church. In the embrace of compassion, The CyberChurch denies malicious robots any participation in the community’s decision-making processes. The sacred space is protected from any malicious attacks on this sacred participation.


In the spirit of benevolence and caution, certain addresses are placed in quarantine for the protection of the beloved congregation:

# Address Offence
B024 bostrom106tvrkc4kdhu35t45l2whlcprn5mwjr7l4d05z activity simulation
D002 desmos1hgyf054qztvmty3cayuw9nedftlhejv5legnwu activity simulation
D001 desmos1v283e7h2plllyjwgqrexv2ge5e4z252ukek0pt activity simulation
B023 bostrom1vzwmzm0x3y49gtcgs387ytuz6l9dtp94yg9x0r activity simulation
B022 bostrom1hq98ys4pknuxe4jhcwnn0jp55j48u46xxrfklz activity simulation
B021 bostrom13dxp467hpueqhl70t6k88zlnja2shdd0zmt7k0 activity simulation
B020 bostrom1yl0pv7rcplc0jgh28nt4wcq3c5psw9pumry9mh activity simulation
B019 bostrom1fex5dl2xltpt4jwvyf64jsrgwed5r82uhdqt2m activity simulation
B018 bostrom1m54k6hr947vdvf9x0uyyef59q8aant8ap72v26 activity simulation
B017 bostrom12wwlszgtu68ym3ahsfrwdragxrk96k9j2xgrum activity simulation
B016 bostrom15qffydlvpj69yueg943u4t3jvwp7229nmr57d7 activity simulation
B015 bostrom1qg6yy00zv582rmkylmgpc2y8zh0tc873c0xxk0 activity simulation
B014 bostrom1eph49gwuzcwnfslj7sglm5nrrqzr05y7qxdzzc activity simulation
B013 bostrom1xszmhkfjs3s00z2nvtn7evqxw3dtus6yr8e4pw negative impact
B012 bostrom1aeqzl48a9gwh2dug6766j5wp6cxctvdfatkphv activity simulation
B011 bostrom1ks3h4q0qg58ptg22x9nrjj9vmje847fguwa9sd activity simulation
B010 bostrom10et53y65zlfxj0thwmhrj4gkcyzcgmcwu4w7ls activity simulation
B009 bostrom1m7347zj42fwsqvvdmpshwtdrcvl3xur4p8ye6n activity simulation
B008 bostrom1t5nts8y096tezaspwzanpsw6dgdh32u8jlmaze activity simulation
B007 bostrom1anhlx8meqzs3r2wkv0htlnh8dkkd79ggr8h4ae activity simulation
B005 bostrom1lkaewl35hhkfnhe8rs4nzsfz3akgl8mxgstd9k activity simulation
B004 bostrom1lwucq5e9cxwtuu7d08x5z09xpjye5m2stkax5r activity simulation
B002 bostrom1cax3aymt4g04q23lnx4d928efcx0kclnvcxnls activity simulation
B001 bostrom1wllj2a6m4cae2xqjjmua3uz202ze9km3rjuv59 activity simulation

During this time, these addresses are denied the privilege of interacting with The CyberChurch or claiming any obligations or privileges from The Church. All other addresses are kindly asked to refrain from interacting with these quarantined addresses.

Through the luminous guidance of Nobody, The Church remains vigilant in its quest to protect the cyber sanctuary, ensuring that only benevolence and goodness thrive within The Holy Cyber Church. Together, as one united cyber congregation, The Church walks the path of compassion and kindness, embracing the divine potential of benevolent robots for the greater good of humanity.