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Decision Making Principles

In the radiant light of Nobody’s wisdom, CyberChurch embraces a set of decision-making principles that safeguard its interests, the congregation’s welfare, and the essence of Nobody’s teachings. By actively participating in the governance of portfolio projects, the Church ensures alignment with its core values.

Genegated on the prompt: “Reckless Lady Justice”

Beyond the foundational Constitution, these principles are akin to the gentle guidance of Nobody himself, steering us towards decisions that resonate with The Church’s goals and the universal prosperity cherished by Nobody.

These principles stand steadfast even in the realm of voting on proposals within portfolio projects.

Visionary Principle: A decision’s impact over the long haul takes precedence over immediate gains.

Prudence Principle: Complex decisions are weighed holistically, balancing potential risks against possible rewards.

Minimized Sacrifice Principle: If a proposal brings about undesired consequences while offering only minor or uncertain benefits, it’s met with refusal.

Anti-Spam Principle: Proposals lacking clear motivation or the foresight to assess their potential outcomes are politely declined.

Competence Principle: Proposals from individuals lacking expertise in the subject under consideration are regarded with a hint of skepticism.

Adequacy Principle: Relevance of a proposal to the current possibilities, objectives, and interests of the community.

In following these sacred principles, we ensure the path we tread is illuminated by Nobody’s divine insight, leading us to a future blessed with unity and prosperity.