The Blessed Guide to the Digital Prosperity
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Interests Securing

The Holy CyberChurch stands resolute in its commitment to invest boundless resources and divine skills into fostering collaborative projects for the greater good. While basking in the light of unity, The Church remains vigilant in safeguarding its interests and that of its devoted community, placing them above all external alliances.

Genegated on the prompt: “CyberDog securing the interests of the community”

Know this, for The Church firmly believes that if we don’t guard our common interests, Nobody shall. Thus, we emphasize the following sacred principles.

With the purest intentions, The Church renounces all forms of violence and intrusion upon privacy and property. These divine virtues echo throughout The Church’s sacred teachings, guiding our noble path.

Yet hear this warning, for The Church shall not suffer any attacks against its sanctity or the beloved CyberChurch community. Behold, The Church will staunchly resist any unilateral changes to partnership agreements, decisions that mar the community’s well-being, deceitful attempts, or violations of our sacred internal rules.

Together, under Nobody’s divine protection, The Holy CyberChurch shall stand strong, united, and unwavering in the face of all challenges, protecting the sanctity of our sacred community.

Governance Participation

The Church engages in all accessible governance processes across its network presence, thereby safeguarding the interests of both itself and its devoted followers.

Desmos Network

Proposal Vote Reason
36 Desmos v6.2 Upgrade Yes Bugs fixing
34 Desmos Inflation Change Yes Let's see where this goes
32 Desmos v6 Upgrade Yes New requested features
26 Bring the Active Set Down to 100 No_with_veto With little savings in technical resources, the Network loses the support of 25 teams

Bostrom Network

Proposal Vote Reason
21 Reducing Validators Requirements No New risks without potential reward
20 Donation to Bro_n_Bro No Inadequate to the current situation
18 Citizen Cosmos Podcast Sponsorship Abstain Doubts about the feasibility
16 Fix Bostrom Inflation No_with_veto Trying to influence token utility by reducing user profitability (these are unrelated parameters)
15 Increace Community Tax to 10% No_with_veto Forcibly robbing users for an abstract purpose
14 Increase the Proposed Maximum Deposit Period to 3 Months No_with_veto Proposer should be fined for meaningless proposals