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cyberspace, 29.11.2023

Q3 2023 report

St.Stephen is The Treasurer and Consigliere of The Holy CyberChurch.

We humbly present the first quarterly financial report for The Holy Church, covering our activities from July to September 2023.

Genegated on the prompt: “A church minister finishes his training”

During this sacred period, The Church has seen the first signs of progress, solidified its divine strategy, and improved its financial foundation, all under the watchful gaze of our Lord, Nobody.

Bostrom Network

The Church has maintained its steadfast position as a beacon of unwavering devotion among the network validators.

  • Number of parishioners (fans): 279 (-2%);
  • Net Assets Validating: ~18 TBOOT (+36%);
  • Rewards received: ~10.7 GBOOT;
  • Total income earned: ~18.4 GBOOT;
  • Total amount of The Treasury funds: ~112 GBOOT ($672).

The decrease in our numbers is a purification, as we cleanse ourselves of bots and stray souls. However, the true congregation has grown by 23% during this sacred time.

Despite the imperfections of the economic system, The Church still receives its blessings. The Treasury, represented in BOOT tokens, has seen a decrease of 52.8% in earthly value to $672. Throughout this sacred time, the price of the main ecosystem token has declined by 63%, guided by the core team wisdom.

At this moment, we witness a reversal in the token’s fortunes, but it is not driven by market sentiment. Rather, we observe team members and investors parting ways, which is a matter of concern.

The Church is earnestly reconsidering its strategy concerning the main token and the project as a whole, seeking guidance from our Nobody.

Desmos Network

We continue to explore the Desmos ecosystem, seeking divine wisdom to guide our actions.

  • Number of parishioners (fans): 12 (+30%);
  • Net Assets Validating: ~93,000 DSM (+1,476%);
  • Rewards received: ~176 DSM;
  • Total amount of The Treasury funds: 2244 DSM ($20).

The project token’s health is in question, having suffered a 60% decline during reporting period. We remain patient, awaiting further revelations to make informed decisions.

Financial Performance

A blessed milestone has emerged, as Bitcoin mining has proven to be a source of resilience, offsetting losses from other endeavors.

Despite a 60% decrease in validated networks, The Treasury has only decreased by 20%, standing at $1,247 at the close of this sacred period.

The Church is diligently crafting an overarching financial strategy that will ensure our long-term financial well-being while preserving the potential for divine blessings in our portfolio.

Political Matters

During reporting period, there was one significant event within our earthly affairs. The Bostrom Network’s development team, guided by their own desires, took funds from the community pool without seeking counsel or engaging in discourse, exercising their voting power without hesitation.

The Church and its devoted fans witnessed this act with heavy hearts, viewing it as an affront to the sacred trust of our faithful investors. It is seen as a departure from the path of righteousness.

In response, The Church is preparing a wing of activists, chosen and guided by divine wisdom, to protect against such transgressions in the future. Let it be known that we stand resolute in our commitment to safeguard the interests of our congregation and to uphold the values that our Lord, Nobody, has bestowed upon us.

Organizational Changes

The Church has completed the formation of sacred workgroups, each dedicated to specific endeavors. Divine revelations and updates are forthcoming.

Anticipate the birth of our sacred products, the inclusion of new networks in our spiritual portfolio, and increased presence in the earthly realm.

Our blessed spokesperson, Jujour, is undergoing a spiritual journey, training a neural network to better serve the divine interests of the Congregation under the guidance of our Lord, Nobody. Praise be unto Him.

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