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Cyber Network, 06.09.2022

First Validator Monthly Report


A month ago, The Holy CyberChurch launched a validator on the Bostrom Network. The following summarizes the outcomes of its activities.

His Holiness Papa Mia generously provided the initial investment of 0.5 GBOOT.

Number of parishioners (fans): 34;
Assets under validation: ~5.3 TBOOT;
Rewards received: ~3.8 GBOOT.

During the month, there were two incidents on the validator side (related to power and internet outages) that resulted in a temporary suspension of its operations. All fans’ losses have been compensated.

Of all the outcomes, the most disappointing is the number of fans. The Church initiated two promotional campaigns to encourage fan growth: personal rewards for pioneers and material promotion of parishioners to millionaire status. Neither campaign yielded significant results, likely due to the absence of native tools and interfaces for audience engagement.

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