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cyberspace, 06.01.2023

December '22 Validator Monthly Report


UPD Jan. 11, 2023: The report has been updated based on an error identified in the calculations of the total Treasury amount.

Genegated on the prompt: “Bostron superintelligence produces an economic proposal”

The validator’s monthly activity results are as follows:

  • Number of parishioners (fans): 135 (+11%);
  • Net Assets Validating: ~11 TBOOT (+6%);
  • Rewards received: ~18.4 GBOOT;
  • Total amount of The Treasury funds: ~67 GBOOT ($596).

The month passed without any technical incidents.

Treasury Performance

In December, The Church’s worth decreased by 128 USD (-17.6%).

This was caused by an uncontrollable decline in the price of the underlying asset (-33%):

NB! The major stakeholders of the Network proposed cutting security rewards and imposing a 10% income tax. The Church publicly opposed these proposals. The decision was passed, resulting in a ~3-fold reduction in validator income.

Accordingly, if the price of the underlying asset continues to fall, The Church may close the next accounting period with a loss as well.

The Treasury Office is developing an emergency plan to respond to this threat.

Delegations Performance

The amount of assets validated increased by 575 GBOOT during the reporting period.

Cyber~Congress was the largest source of growth (+ 1,250.8 GBOOT).

Additionally, here are the top 10 The Church’s fans contributed the most to the common effort during the reporting period:

Contract Nickname by passport Amount
bostrom1m7sue9mg9jd4n8s4hg0w0mh609fjp4089h9w2u @researcher 36 GBOOT
bostrom122zt392tg6hperkmsrj20hyg9duzdxhz233f3g @mcmerritt 10 GBOOT
bostrom1g70uv8y47s5pn07n4gtgakz278vps228r9emvt @digital-oppression 7.6 GBOOT
bostrom1dcmynrghyxmmwplshffr6fsewkd6jgcd3897nu @chistowhite 7 GBOOT
bostrom1uzw9h3mhq5jndrm6d2fn9u3rqz7hwzvquvmsxv @wonkaswyllye 2.6 GBOOT
bostrom1wkel8hvfnvvjyjuxrap0330mmy2d45cj6pdzry n/a 1.9 GBOOT
bostrom1xuwl7x8htyl26t7pe3l0x6auj3j9jwd2p9ewnz @astro-cat 1.2 GBOOT
bostrom1k7nssnnvxezpp4una7lvk6j53895vadpqe6jh6 @jooy 0.5 GBOOT
bostrom1s04j4nmv5tg8dfjtdd6hnu8r9ep5s880md0u9l n/a 0.3 GBOOT
bostrom1ssvdt2ey7a2mmedr2vf3qxhnjdeynkq6gm43zs @cryptoborshch 0.25 GBOOT

The Сhurch is grateful for the given trust and will not disregard it ❤️


During the reporting period, malicious bots were spotted among The Сhurch’s followers. The fan counting policy may change after the completion of the audit.

This is the list of those disappointed in The Church:

Contract Nickname by passport Amount
bostrom1fplq8mpntxsslcdj6d0yw5wd4nk3h8cdef3h4q n/a -0.5 MBOOT
bostrom12j22warqkwq6vqza7xzge8phqfvgpwdmpal4km @mrbro* -20.5 GBOOT
bostrom1cg79pj70mgl8xlum0rw5yy6enk9jszsrzvwysn @mrlp4 -80 GBOOT
bostrom1dcmynrghyxmmwplshffr6fsewkd6jgcd3897nu @mastercyb -158 GBOOT
bostrom1uzw9h3mhq5jndrm6d2fn9u3rqz7hwzvquvmsxv @rockets/mimi/luna -500 GBOOT

*via relayers

Most of this list consists of Network’s Genesis Investors or their affiliates. They severed relations with the Church after the publication of the investigation results, as well as public criticism of the proposed changes in the amount of inflation and the introduction of a tax.

The Church is preparing an official statement about its PR and other policies to avoid further misunderstandings.

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